perjantai 19. lokakuuta 2018

Motor boats for rent in Finland

Finnish Lakeland, with its hundreds of lakes, is a paradise for an active fishermen. During year 2018 we have bought many new boats and equipped them with suitable motors, fish-finders, chart plotters, proper anchors and other equipment to be able to rent motor boats for fishermen who want to have the possibility to fish from morning to evening. The Rock and Lake rental cottages are situated by lakes with good population of fish. In every lake you find pike and perch, but for ex. Lake Kyyvesi is famous for its strong population of zander (pikeperch). In the lake and cottage descriptions on our site you find more useful information.
Linder 400 Sportsman is a great fishing boat for two or three fishermen.
In Finland you don't need driving licenses for motor boats. For most fishing you need just a cheap (in 2018: 15 euros per week) license called Fisheries Management Fee. Check here on our fishing info Finland page how to purchase it. 
Silver Colibri is a great fishing boat for two persons, also for trolling.
To make it easy to evaluate and choose the best motor boat for your needs, we have made a list of our rental boats  with photos, technical information and prices. More about fishing in Finland and the opportunities with boats, accommodation and equipment that Rock and Lake offers in the Finnish Lakeland, you can read on our website Rock and Lake 
FlatRock ferryboat is a great choice for a group of friends.
Some of our boats you can rent directly in our online webshop  but for the most you need to make an inquiry to  The ferryboat called FlatRock is one of the boats possible to rent online. This boat is also accessible and the harbor is also accessible with also biotoilet  persons in wheel-chairs.

maanantai 29. tammikuuta 2018

Fishing pike in Finland - boat also for accessible fishing

Rock and Lake offers fishing possibilities for everyone. Among our rental boats we also have one called Flatrock and this boat is accessible. If you want to go independently fishing, you can rent this boat, here about boat rent or book an accessible guided fishing trip
Start of an accessible fishing trip
Interested in fishing pike Zander, perch, trout and/or bream? Please check on our web pages more about licenses (15 euros per week per person (one rod)) catches and tips for catching a pike fishing methods, rental boats and other stuff about fishing in Finland

Happy fisherman and fresh, local food for the evening's dinner
Villa Soukkio and Villa Lempi are the two accessible rental cabin we have to offer. Both houses and their yards and beaches are made for easy and accessible holiday making by lake. The 160 m2 houses are modern and decorated in Scandinavian style.

In German you can also read about accessible fishing trips and fishing in Finland from these links:

 angeln in Finnland   and  angelurlaub für behinderte   and  angelurlaub für rollstuhlfahrer 

tiistai 5. joulukuuta 2017

Finland - 100 years of Indepencence

Happy birthday our Dear Finland!
100 years of Independence.

Welcome to visit Finland also in year 2018! Finland is clean and safe, but still exotic and exciting. To plan your holidays to Finland 2018 please click here

maanantai 27. marraskuuta 2017

Villa Eemilin - a Finnish lakeside holiday paradise for families

Rental villa Eemilin huvila is situated on a tip of a point. This means lakeside views from almost every window and beautiful views from the big terrace, and also lots of private shoreline and privacy by the lakeside sauna, beach and in the yard.
Rental holiday home by lake Villa Eemilin

Villa Eemilin is a well equipped holiday home for lakeside holidays all year round. A paradise especially for families and groups of friends who appreciate privacy, fresh pineforest air, silence of lakeside nature, and great opportunities of fishing.
The kitchen of Villa Eemilin.
One of the bedrooms.
Another bedroom.
There are 3 separate bedrooms and totally 8 beds (part in aula) in this holiday home.
View from the private lakeside sauna building

Villa Eemilin seen from the lake
As you can see from the photo above, this holiday rental compromises private beach and jetty, lakeside sauna, barbeque house (at right) and on the hill the main house, Villa Eemilin huvila or just Villa Eemilin in English. There is lots of privacy and no neighbours in sight. For family holidays 2018 please check the rental cottages, cabins and villas that Rock and Lake offers.

perjantai 10. marraskuuta 2017

Tips for catching a big pike in Finland

I'm often getting questions about fishing in Finland and especially how to catch a big pike. On our web pages we have tried to shortly write the esential info about how easy and cheap fishing is here in Finnish Lakeland. New on the catches -page is the best tips for catching a big pike over here. Summarized one could say: right lake, be quiet and have patience.
Happy guest at Rock and Lake and a 5,2 kg pike

Read more about the best tips for catching a big pike from the fishing page of Rock and Lake .Here you find what I meant with the summarized terms and also about the best time periods of the year to catch the big pikes. BTW, did you know that you are alloved to take all pikes you want, BUT we highly recommend you to take just those specimen you really will eat. This is the responsible way of fishing.

Two pike hunters starting their fishing trip on fishing kayaks.

tiistai 5. syyskuuta 2017

Autumn means great fishing holidays in Finnish Lakeland

Start of the autumn in Finnish Lakeland means start of a great three months long period (September, October and November) for fishing pike, zander, perch and later on; trout and salmon. When the water temperatures drop the big fish come to the more shallow parts and shorelines of the lakes. This means for instance that fishing by spinning and flyfishing for pike is very successful. Our fishing guide Janne knows the lakes around here as his own pockets, so if you want to get right away to the best places and get his professional hints and tips, then a guided fishing trip is to recommend. 

Happy participant of the Big Pike Fishing trip This pike was released unharmed.
Note! The Big Pike Fishing Trips can also start from any cottage's own shore This offer is for cottages by these three lakes: Lake Kyyvesi Lake Puula and Lake Härkäjärvi Just send us an email and tell about your fishing trip plans. Our email is  .

 To plan your fishing holiday in Finland click here and start planning!
Great fish for dinner!

maanantai 21. elokuuta 2017

Outdoor activities for Finnish autumn

September and October are excellent months for outdoor activities  in the Finnish Lakeland. The air is fresh and warm, and it's not too hot to move on the lakes and in the forest. It's an Everyman's right to pick mushrooms and berries in the Finnish forest.

There are lots of chantarelles in the forests.

The lingonberries are getting more red every day and are soon ready to be picked!
A fishing kayak is excellent especially when you want to fish in the shallow waters.

Have you tried fishing from a fishing kayak? Read more about fishing in Finland and renting a boat or fishing kayak . Also our sales team are happy to answer your questions, please send an email to Rock and Lake sales team

Find your own rental cottage in Finland by clicking here