torstai 13. marraskuuta 2014

New rent cottages and icefishing in Finland

We are happy to tell you that we have two new rent cottages in Finnish Lakeland to offer you! These are:

cottage Munaniemi
Munaniemi cottage is perfect for a couple or a small family; beds 2+2.
here view from the outdoor of this cottage. Photo taken 7.11.14 when first snow of the winter had fallen:

Lemmenkallio cottage is a 98 m2 cottage for 6+2 persons.

In January till late March it is good time for cottage holiday and icefishing
Here a couple of photos from earlier years:
10 kg pike catched near rental cottage at lake Soukkio
Fisherman ready to start doing whole in the ice
Icefishing and happy boy with fish
If you are interested in fishing in Finland you find a lot of information at our web pages. We have gathered info about typical fishing methods and more about different ways of fishing in the Finnish Lakeland is coming during winter 2014 -2015. All information is written in four languages; Finnish (of course our mothertong), English, Russian and German. For more info, please see Rock and Lake homepages which are also a webshop

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