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Story behind the amazing place of cottage Saparoniemi

Rental cottage Saparoniemi, location at a unique place

Saparoniemi cottage, sauna building and barbeque house seen from the lake.

The Finnish word "Saparoniemi" can be translated as “long tail point”. The history of this point goes to the Ice Age. When the ice started to melt around 10.000 years ago, it also formed the Finnish landscape for instance by leaving behind stones, all from big rocks to small grains of sand. This way, shortly described, many narrow and long points were born. 

In the very end of one of such point you find Saparoniemi cottage, one of the most popular Rock and Lake rent cottages. Now it is time to book the last available weeks of summer 2015, if you want to enjoy your holiday at a cottage “situated in the mid of the lake” and the closest neighbors far away. This means, in other words, a lot of silence, sounds of nature and space of your own.

The sauna building was rebuilt and ready in May 2013

View from one of the windows of the sauna building of Saparoniemi

Sunset seen from the pier of Saparoniemi cottage.

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