sunnuntai 7. joulukuuta 2014

Lake Kyyvesi - the best lake for fishing pike and zander?

Many Finnish fishermen think that lake Kyyvesi is the best lake for fishing pike and zander in Finland. It is almost 100% sure that you get catch, also on short fishing trips. On the Rock and Lake guided fishing trips you get 100% guarantee that you won't go empty handed home, or to back to your rental cottage. Here is one happy guest on a Rock and Lake rental cottage last summer:
This is one of boats for rent in the beautiful surroundings of lake Kyyvesi:
This boat is very good for up to 5 fishermen who want to do spinning AT THE SAME TIME
Another cottage guest in the beginning of September:
Catch from one two-hour-fishing-trip. Happy girl at cottage Tiilikka looking at her father's and grand father's cathc:


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