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Cottage and paddling in Finnish Lakeland - Ferienhaus in Finnland und Paddeln

We proudly present a new Rock and Lake cottage in maybe the most beautiful and diverse part of the Finnish Lakeland: cottage Lomapuula The lake is called Puula, or Puulavesi 

Cottage Lomapuula is built for experience the Finnish Lakeland all year round. In Finland you can paddle from early May till the first snow comes in October. Rent price from 514 euros a week, please read more from our web site: Rock and Lake

DE: Ferienhaus Lomapuula ist für Erfahrung Finnisch Lakeland das ganze Jahr hindurch. Paddeln sie können von Mai zum ersten Schnee (Oktober). Lesen Sie mehr auf der Website: Rock and Lake Online-web
Cottage Lomapuula, some kayaks waiting and lake in early May. This time days are long and full of bird singing and yodelling. For fishermen this time is great pike fishing time.
Cottage Lomapuula in October, seen from a kayak
There are a lot of pikes in lake Puula. Fishing licenses in Finland cost typically 15 to 30 euros a week.
In many ways, cottage Lomapuula is situated on a marvellous place for you who enjoy fishing, boating and paddling. Directly from the private beach and pier you get to beautiful Lakeland views and good fishing places. For fishing you just need licenses (costing max. 30 euros a week), please ask about these in beforehand at sales(a) or nearest R-kioski. 

Near cottage Lomapuula the nature is rough, but rich and beautiful. By lake Puula you can see stones called as Rauk (in Finnish: raukki) They are rare in Finland. A Rauk looks a bit like an hourglass. There are also ancient rock paintings on some islands near Lomapuula. - Since big parts of lake Puula is nature reserve, you may see some rare birds, such as loon, White-backed Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, black-backed gull, mew, oriole and Osprey. Recommendable way to experience this unique Lakeland nature is by kayaks. The owner of the cottage is a paddling instructor and has kayaks for rent.

The private beach, yard and surrounding forrest also offer great setting for a successful cottage holiday. The water of lake Puula is clear and clean. Big parts of the beach of cottage Lomapuula is gently sloping and these parts are great for children to swim and play in the water. In the end of both piers you can jump into the water. Also fishing and starting a boating trip is easy from the ends of these private piers.

It is easy and relaxing to walk in the woods surrounding cottage Lomapuula. There are also many paths to walk on, and also to bike on. In late summer, which means from approximately third week of July, and in the autumn there are a lot of berries (especially blueberries and lingonberries) and mushrooms in these woods. You can start picking from the corner of your cottage. So this is real and clean local superfood!

The cottage is totally renovated in 2014. Cottage Lomapuula is a compact entirety suitable for a couple, family or a small group of friends. There is a lot of space and open solutions. No separate bedrooms, but two bed-recesses. One with a double-bed and the other with a bunk bed. On the loft, or on the livingroom sofa, two more persons can sleep.

The wood-heated sauna is atmospheric, and a typical Finnish sauna. The toilet is an easy-to-use and odorless, and is situated next to the livingroom. The bathroom with shower is situated next to the sauna.
In the kitchen there is a good set of kitchen tools and tableware for six persons. The tap water is drinkable. In the refrigerator there is also a small icebox.

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