tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2015

New guided fishing trips for season 2015

We are planning interresting guided fishing trips for the season of year 2015! More info from our web Rock and Lake fishing and about the new trips in February, 2015, at same web.

The season starts in end of April and continues to October, at least. Here is our fishing guides, from left; Saku, Janne and Heikki. All also very successful trolling competitions. They have a lot to give to any eager fisherman! Lake Kyyvesi, marked as red on the map, is so rich in zander and pike that we can promise with 100% that you'll get catch.

Rock and Lake -fishing guides. From left: Saku, Janne and Heikki
Lake Kyyvesi: very rich in zander and pike.
Fishing in Finland is not very expensive. More of all this, please read: Rock and Lake

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