torstai 14. tammikuuta 2016

Ten reasons to Visit Finland in Summer - by Notes of Nomads

Last summer Notes of Nomads bloggers Jessica and Hi visited also Finnish Lakeland and stayed at a lakeside cottage called Kotiranta by lake Soukkio and enjoyed fishing under the mid of the night at a Midnight Sun Fishing trip

View from Lake Kyyvesi half past twelve, in the mid of the night!
Their blog posting Ten reasons to Visit Finland in Summer starts like this: "It’s no secret that Finland is a pretty magical winter destination. Husky rides, snow, Santa’s village and, hello, the Northern Lights. It’s a veritable winter wonderland. What our recent trip to Finland showed us, however, was just how attractive Finland is in the summertime and why you need to come more than once to experience the complete contrast in seasons." To read more please click HERE

When you want to visit Finland in summer time, or winter time, start your holiday planning here 

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