torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Rent a cabin and enjoy pike fishing in Finnish Lakeland

109 cm long Big Mama was catched (and released) in July 2016 just outside Kukkosaari cabin
Kukkosaari cabin is a 4+2 person well-equipped cabin for all-year-round-use. Week rent price from 650 euros. Now when the water of Lake Kyyvesi, famous for its strong populations of both pike and zander, has chilled down a bit, the pikes are again hungry. Above an example of what you can expect to catch, and quite easily.

All these photos are taken, and given to Rock and Lake's use, by a group of happy fishermen. Besides real pikes (and zanders) they had "caught" a fake pike from a local fishing shop Kalaxi Fishing in Pieksämäki, and this "Fake-pike-Jake" had quite an adventure inside Kukkosaari cabin! :-)
For more info, online availability and booking of this great cabin for fishermen, please click here