torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016

Picking mushrooms in Finland - free and allowed almost everywhere

A cep on the yard of rental cottage Saparoniemi
For mushroom lovers Finland, and especially Finnish Lakeland, is a paradise. You can start picking mushrooms from the yard of your rental cottage, but thank to the unique Finnish Everyman's Rights everybody are allowed to pick mushrooms and berries in almost every forest in Finland. In the forests and by the shores of Lake Soukkio there are exceptionally good mushroom places. When you rent a cottage from this area you can be sure to be situated in the mid of an area rich in ceps, chanterelles and other delicious mushrooms. The area is also known for it's blueberries and lingonberries. 
The first ceps and chanterelles pop up in the beginning of July. The mushroom season goes on till October, and the mentioned ones are popping up also in September, so you have two and a half months of great mushroom picking time in Finnish Lakeland area. For more info and photos of tasty mushrooms please click here.  About Finnish berries you find more info here

Two ceps in the yard of Kiviniemi cabin
Cep and lakeview on cottage Kiviniemi

Chanterelles next to Villa Soukkio

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