tiistai 5. syyskuuta 2017

Autumn means great fishing holidays in Finnish Lakeland

Start of the autumn in Finnish Lakeland means start of a great three months long period (September, October and November) for fishing pike, zander, perch and later on; trout and salmon. When the water temperatures drop the big fish come to the more shallow parts and shorelines of the lakes. This means for instance that fishing by spinning and flyfishing for pike is very successful. Our fishing guide Janne knows the lakes around here as his own pockets, so if you want to get right away to the best places and get his professional hints and tips, then a guided fishing trip is to recommend. 

Happy participant of the Big Pike Fishing trip This pike was released unharmed.
Note! The Big Pike Fishing Trips can also start from any cottage's own shore This offer is for cottages by these three lakes: Lake Kyyvesi Lake Puula and Lake Härkäjärvi Just send us an email and tell about your fishing trip plans. Our email is sales@rockandlake.com  .

 To plan your fishing holiday in Finland click here and start planning!
Great fish for dinner!

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