maanantai 27. marraskuuta 2017

Villa Eemilin - a Finnish lakeside holiday paradise for families

Rental villa Eemilin huvila is situated on a tip of a point. This means lakeside views from almost every window and beautiful views from the big terrace, and also lots of private shoreline and privacy by the lakeside sauna, beach and in the yard.
Rental holiday home by lake Villa Eemilin

Villa Eemilin is a well equipped holiday home for lakeside holidays all year round. A paradise especially for families and groups of friends who appreciate privacy, fresh pineforest air, silence of lakeside nature, and great opportunities of fishing.
The kitchen of Villa Eemilin.
One of the bedrooms.
Another bedroom.
There are 3 separate bedrooms and totally 8 beds (part in aula) in this holiday home.
View from the private lakeside sauna building

Villa Eemilin seen from the lake
As you can see from the photo above, this holiday rental compromises private beach and jetty, lakeside sauna, barbeque house (at right) and on the hill the main house, Villa Eemilin huvila or just Villa Eemilin in English. There is lots of privacy and no neighbours in sight. For family holidays 2018 please check the rental cottages, cabins and villas that Rock and Lake offers.

perjantai 10. marraskuuta 2017

Tips for catching a big pike in Finland

I'm often getting questions about fishing in Finland and especially how to catch a big pike. On our web pages we have tried to shortly write the esential info about how easy and cheap fishing is here in Finnish Lakeland. New on the catches -page is the best tips for catching a big pike over here. Summarized one could say: right lake, be quiet and have patience.
Happy guest at Rock and Lake and a 5,2 kg pike

Read more about the best tips for catching a big pike from the fishing page of Rock and Lake .Here you find what I meant with the summarized terms and also about the best time periods of the year to catch the big pikes. BTW, did you know that you are alloved to take all pikes you want, BUT we highly recommend you to take just those specimen you really will eat. This is the responsible way of fishing.

Two pike hunters starting their fishing trip on fishing kayaks.