maanantai 29. tammikuuta 2018

Fishing pike in Finland - boat also for accessible fishing

Rock and Lake offers fishing possibilities for everyone. Among our rental boats we also have one called Flatrock and this boat is accessible. If you want to go independently fishing, you can rent this boat, here about boat rent or book an accessible guided fishing trip
Start of an accessible fishing trip
Interested in fishing pike Zander, perch, trout and/or bream? Please check on our web pages more about licenses (15 euros per week per person (one rod)) catches and tips for catching a pike fishing methods, rental boats and other stuff about fishing in Finland

Happy fisherman and fresh, local food for the evening's dinner
Villa Soukkio and Villa Lempi are the two accessible rental cabin we have to offer. Both houses and their yards and beaches are made for easy and accessible holiday making by lake. The 160 m2 houses are modern and decorated in Scandinavian style.

In German you can also read about accessible fishing trips and fishing in Finland from these links:

 angeln in Finnland   and  angelurlaub für behinderte   and  angelurlaub für rollstuhlfahrer