perjantai 19. lokakuuta 2018

Motor boats for rent in Finland

Finnish Lakeland, with its hundreds of lakes, is a paradise for an active fishermen. During year 2018 we have bought many new boats and equipped them with suitable motors, fish-finders, chart plotters, proper anchors and other equipment to be able to rent motor boats for fishermen who want to have the possibility to fish from morning to evening. The Rock and Lake rental cottages are situated by lakes with good population of fish. In every lake you find pike and perch, but for ex. Lake Kyyvesi is famous for its strong population of zander (pikeperch). In the lake and cottage descriptions on our site you find more useful information.
Linder 400 Sportsman is a great fishing boat for two or three fishermen.
In Finland you don't need driving licenses for motor boats. For most fishing you need just a cheap (in 2018: 15 euros per week) license called Fisheries Management Fee. Check here on our fishing info Finland page how to purchase it. 
Silver Colibri is a great fishing boat for two persons, also for trolling.
To make it easy to evaluate and choose the best motor boat for your needs, we have made a list of our rental boats  with photos, technical information and prices. More about fishing in Finland and the opportunities with boats, accommodation and equipment that Rock and Lake offers in the Finnish Lakeland, you can read on our website Rock and Lake 
FlatRock ferryboat is a great choice for a group of friends.
Some of our boats you can rent directly in our online webshop  but for the most you need to make an inquiry to  The ferryboat called FlatRock is one of the boats possible to rent online. This boat is also accessible and the harbor is also accessible with also biotoilet  persons in wheel-chairs.